Mar 2, 2011


Happily (N)ever After Voting Open

Happily (N)ever After 

 The Happily (N)ever After contest is now open for voting. Please stop by their site to submit your vote today.

Contest Entries: 

1. Never Again » by cris1224 
Sookie and Eric come back home from the Witch War and Sookie finds Debbie Pelt in her kitchen with a gun but Eric doesn't come in time to take the bullet...Happily Never After Contest entry
2. These Dreams by evenflo78 
Entry for the Happily N ever After Contest. A traggic accident injures Eric, forcing him to learn how to walk again. Can Sookie help him to heal, or was it over all before it ever began? All Human.
3. I'll Be Here In the Morning » by makesmyheadspin 
Promo for the Happily N ever After Contest. "There's lots of things along the road I'd surely like to see. I'd like to lean into the wind and tell myself I'm free." Eric lives the life of a drifter, but can he put down roots when he meets Sookie? AH
4. The Melody Lingers On by Sophie Myst 
Sookie and Alcide live and work together in a theater in Chicago. When he gets a job opportunity in another city, can their relationship survive? For the Happily Never After contest. AH, O/S.
5. The Wallet by seastarr08 
An entry for the Happily Never After contest written by myself and Ethehunter. Sookie finds a wallet with the potential to change her life.
6. The Final Cut by vicvega66 
Sookie Stackhouse thinks her life is almost perfect until a chance meeting with an old school friend gives her an unexpected and shocking perspective on her husband Bill Compton. Happy Never After Contest.
7. What Debbie Did by vikinglover elle 
Entry for Happily Never After Contest: What would have happened if Sookie hadn't been so quick on the draw when Debbie Pelt fired that first shot at her. Eric has amnesia but I've taken a few liberties with his general demeanor in this situation. OOC.
8. Talking to the Moon by sassyvampmama 
H N A contest enrty: Sookie, who now unwillingly belongs to another vampire, is speaking to the only connection she still has with Eric; the moon. What happens when you have no hope left? You become a fool who sits alone talking to the moon.
9. A Lose Lose Situation by vicvega66 
Sookie is turned against her will by Eric Northman and becomes his vampire child. Robbed of choice, free will and her humanity, she faces a bleak future. Happy Never After Contest.
10. Ten Years Gone by Charlotte Clark 
"Did you ever really need somebody, and really need 'em bad. Did you ever really want somebody, the best love you ever had." Ten Years Gone, Led Zeppelin. Eric and Sookie find themselves face to face again, ten years later...Happily Never After Contest
11. The Holy or the Broken by sarita.alex 
An entry to the Happily N ever After Contest. AH - O/S. Godric fights temptation, but he is only a man, after all. WARNING: Contains religious themes.
12. Thursday by esquilo-negligenciadas
A bar, an affair, and a corrupt Congressman-there's a reason some fruit is forbidden, and sometimes the threat of violence is actually a promise. An entry for the Happily N ever After contest.
13. Stop All The Clocks by drumbjo 
Happily Never After Contest Entry Sookie tries her best to distance herself from everyone with the secret she knows, but when author Eric Northman comes crashing into her life, can she resist any longer?
14. Bonds by kjwrit 
A Happily Never After Contest Entry: A different spin on Amnesia Eric. Contains spoilers for all SVM books through Chapter One of Dead Reckoning. AU/OOC Rated M for future follow up.
15. The Thunder Rolls by makesmyheadspin 
Happily Never After Contest Promo: Bill is a cheating husband. Lorena is a wife who is fed up with her husband's cheating ways. Guest appearances by Jessica, Sophie Ann, Dawn, Eric and Sookie. O/S, AU, AH
16. Stay by SlackerDee 
Sookie Stackhouse is head over heels in love with Eric Northman, despite a big problem that hangs between them. Tired, lonely, and hating herself, she makes a decision that will make her a new woman. A/H, Lemons, I Write The Songs Entry
17. Sour Girl by makesmyheadspin 
Based on a quote from Ayn Rand, I wondered what it would be like if Sookie was made vampire. Get your tissues, we're going AU for this one.

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Fanged Fics Revamped

Fanged Fics has a new look. Southernlady23 has been working hard giving the site a new look. Please stop by today and take a look. Fanged Fics has added a new author of the month feature that interviews your favorite fanged fic writing authors.

This months highlighted author is YoungBoho who writes Meet the Moon. You can read the interview at
It is a must read and I'm sure you all will enjoy James and the yummy pic at the end. ;)

Please follow the Fanged Fics twitter at and help promote the blog by posting their new button.

FangReaders Group

FangReader's is a site which unites readers and authors. They host a chat room with daily topics to discuss or to talk to other readers. Authors are welcomed to stop in the chat room and promote their stories to the fangreaders.

Their site offers author chat nights where you can meet the authors of your favorite fics and discuss their stories. Check out their calendar to see which author's are signed up to host a night in the chat room.

You can also find them on livejournal at

To enter the exclusive fangreaders chat room you must submit a request to the site host Fairyblood.You can read the chat room rules and contact fairyblood at

Chat times are Sunday starting at 8pm GMT; Monday through Saturday starting at 9 pm GMT.

You can suggest a story for the fangreaders to read by submitting the information on their form.

Lemon Tart Awards

Fangreaders is now hosting the lemon tarts awards. Please stop by and drop off nominations for your favorite lemon fics and lemon scenes.

The Indie Fic Contest

Fangreaders has also started a new contest. You can find information on this contest at

Contest Brief:
Write a totally Original story using the Southern Vampire Mysteries/TrueBlood characters; any pairing, any rating as long as the vamps are vamps, the human are human and the supes are supes.
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Fangtasies News

First off I wanted to let everyone know that Fangtasies has a new web address. It has been changed from to the newest url If anyone tries to access this site from the previous url you will see a message stating that it has been deleted.

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Nov 26, 2010


Contests, contests, contests

Tis the season for contests it seems. There are currently three new contests running at this time. Below you can read about the contest rules, guidelines, where to send your entries, and the contest hosts. Please visit their sites, spread the word, and follow them on twitter.

The Home Sweet Home Contest
What if Eric lived in your hometown? Or Sookie visited the place where you grew up? Or maybe Jason was dating the girl next door to where you live now? Or Bill seduced the cashier at your local supermarket because she could get him free coupons? Or Amelia turned your hairdresser into a parrot? Or the guy two doors down from you had a dog named Alcide? Or Pam was your local soccer mum? Or, or….

Write us a story about any or all of the SVM characters and put them in a place in which you’ve lived. It can be a country, state, province, city, town, village, or even neighborhood that you’ve called home. What happens there is entirely up to you!

Your hosts are Thyra10 and Suki59 and both of us have sent Sookie and Eric to our own hometowns quite a few times. Now, we’d like to see where you live or used to live.
Please, invite us in – take us to your Home Sweet Home.
Visit The Home Sweet Home's website HERE for more information.
Please follow on twitter @HSHcontest

Happily (N)ever After Contest
Happy endings. We all love ‘em, but they’ve been done. To death. They’ve become predictable, and sometimes a little cliched. As much as we’d like it to happen, happy endings aren’t always possible. Besides, we all know the only real happy endings happen in fairy tales anyway. So, in the spirit of shaking things up and keeping it real, we proudly present the Happily (N)ever After Contest.

This contest is open to all pairings, and pretty much any style of story you want to write. All human, Alternate Universe, Canon…whatever floats your boat, so long as your pairing/main character doesn’t get the much sought after HEA.

Maybe you have an inner angsty side and you want to let her out. Maybe you have never tried writing unhappy things, and you want to stretch your writing muscles a bit. This is about changing it up, going against the grain, trying something different, and it could be a lot of fun to discover what you’re capable of.
Your Hostesses:
Slacker Dee

Your Judges:
Chanel Addict

For more info, check out:

Valentine's Fae Tales Contest
Fairy tales usually have happy endings. We all know what has happened in stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. It is usually a lot of romance where the princes come to the rescue.

What happens when the prince is a Viking vampire or Cinderella is actually a telepath? How far can Sookie fall down the rabbit hole before Mad Hatter Eric catches her? What if Sookie fell asleep for 1000 years because of a curse and it took a young Eric to kiss her and break the spell?

Play with your imagination. Be funny or serious. Make it a mystery or an epic fairy tale romance. Whatever you are into, write your own version of a SVM fairy tale.

Happily Ever Afters and Lemons not required but appreciated!
Your Host is: blackdeadorchids (Krystle)

Submissions are accepted beginning: Monday, December 6, 2010 – Friday, January 21, 2011.

Final submission: Friday, January 21, 10 pm PST, 12pm CST.

Final Judging deadline: January 31.

Final Posting to Fanfiction Community: Wednesday, February 2, 6am PST, 8am CST
If links are not received by that time the story will not be included in Public Judging.

Public voting of the Judges top 6: Wednesday, February 2, – Monday, February 7.

jmurgatroid-98, VALady,
ShadoKat, charhamblin, TheLadyKT, NelBearPig, Mrs.Northman, and donael!

For more information see the official blog:

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